Jennifer Schell; woman, wife, mother, Bachelor in Political Sciences, polyglot and soon Magister in International Relations, specialist in Gender and African issues, with more than 8 years of work experience (local and international). In addition to her extensive achievements, she is a former beauty queen, sensitive and activist for social causes in particular women Rights, Women Empowerment and gender equality.

In 2012 together with her husband she decides to become a mother, and it is finally on february 2013 that her daughter is born; being a mother has been a blessing, but also slowed her professional ascension in the work force.

She affirms that being a mother is the most complete profession anyone could have; but it's also downplayed and unpaid. Being at home for the past years and devoting herself exclusively to raising her daughter, and becoming a mom has been a complete challenge, and even led her to reinvent herself and find a lifestyle that not only goes with her new role, but also with her profession, needs and happiness.

On March 2015 armed with courage, and combining her skills and knowledge, she creates: "Trabaja Mamá" (Mom is working) a community of freelancers mothers that connects the talents of its members with the job force, offering companies digital services at competitive prices and social impact.

Then in 2016, she was selected by President Barack Obama to join the Group of Entrepreneurs called Young Leaders of Latin Americas Initiative (YLAI), a Prestigious Program of the American State Department.

In 2017 she won the Second Place at Ideas Contest and also achieved the distinction of best Digital Entrepreneurship award given by Mercado Libre, by 2018 she achieved the recognition of Micro-entrepreneur awarded by Citibank, and it is in 2020 where her effort is recognized by TIC Americas, the innovation competition of the Americas where she was selected as a finalist in the Social Impact category.

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