Who we are

We are a Community an a Online Platform that connects the talent of freelance mothers with the job force, providing companies with digital solutions, with human warmth at competitive prices and social impact.

We have the talent of more than 2000 freelance mothers to carry out different types of digital services with high standards of quality and human warmth, thus alleviating the burden that companies "seek talent" as we guarantee the client a prior process recruiting and accompaniment in order to contribute to reducing operating costs by offering digital services tailored to the budgets and needs of our clients.

For each Freelancer employed Mom by our platform, we mitigate not only the gender gap but also allocate funds to our Corporate Social Responsibility program called #LaRutaDelEmpoderamiento

Our mission

Empower mothers around the world as an alternative economic relief for companies. B

Our vision

Being a technological tool for female empowerment and the economic and social inclusion of women and full-time mothers.


Proactive, enthusiastic, flexible, committed, with a vocation for service and sensitive to the importance of gender equality and the role of the family in society.

#LaRutaDelEmpoderamiento is our corporate social responsibility program where in alliance with International Organizations, Clients and our network of talented freelance mothers of our platform, our team assist low-income and popular communities in Latin American countries, giving free workshops that promote the Female empowerment in popular and poor areas, teaching them about: self-esteem, entrepreneurship, public speaking, financial education, crafts and domestic violence, among other topics, with the aim of planting the seed of female leadership and promoting gender equality.

To date we have managed to carry out 5 editions, benefiting more than 700 women throughout Venezuela, our faithful purpose is to empower vulnerable women in difficult conditions.



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CEO y fundadora

Jennifer Schell; woman, wife, mother, Bachelor in Political Sciences, polyglot and soon Magister in International Relations, specialist in Gender and African issues, with more than 8 years of work experience (local and international).

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