Who we are

“Momisworking.com” is an smart agency that seeks a confortable insertion of profesional mothers on the workplace. With jobs that suit their needs and daily routine and at the same time it serves as a propellant to our future generations so they can count with the physical presence of their parents for more time.

La ruta del empoderamiento

Un workshop que realizamos en alianza con nuestros clientes y talentos de nuestra plataforma y los dirigimos a comunidades populares y de escasos recursos de países latinoamericanos, donde promovemos el empoderamiento femenino y económico en barriadas populares enseñándoles sobre: autoestima, emprendimiento, oratoria, educación financiera, manualidades y violencia doméstica entre otros temas, con la finalidad de plantar la semilla del liderazgo femenino y promover la equidad de género.
1era. edición noviembre 2017 Acarigua, Edo. Portuguesa, Venezuela

Our mission

Being a alternative of economic relief for companies that are part of the productive force of the country through a virtual platform of opportunities for temporary jobs that can be performed by full time and professional mothers giving them at the same time the ability to generate their own income

Our vision

We are an unique online platform, that offers a solution to the needs, the difficult workload and the responsibility that the payments of the payrolls of enterprises, foundations, institutions, and public organizations entitle, as part of the productive force of the country, while giving full time mothers the social and economical importance of the their full time jobs.



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CEO y fundadora

Jennifer Schell; woman, wife, mother, Bachelor in Political Sciences, polyglot and soon Magister in International Relations, specialist in Gender and African issues, with more than 7 years of work experience (local and international).

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